Pain in breast

There are various causes for pain in breast. Women should go through self examination of breasts on a weekly basis so that if there are any changes in shape or shape, it should be brought to the notice of the doctor. By detecting the changes at early stages, it is possible to get the best treatment. The risk to chronic sickness can be avoided. If you find any unusual changes in the breasts or pain in breasts, you should not hesitate to consult the doctor so that you can make the most from your life.

Pain in breast

Various causes

Some of the causes that will lead to pain in the breast include fibrocystic breast disease, hormonal fluctuations, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, the onset of puberty, estrogen therapy, chest wall tenderness and breastfeeding. The pain in breast will also be caused due to injury to the breast and the use of medication for various kinds of diseases. Certain women will get pain due to infection in breasts.

Presence of lump

The pain in breast might be caused with or without the presence of a lump. The conditions which will lead to pain in breasts include cysts, breast cancer and fibrocystic changes. Most of the lumps that are found in the breast regions are not harmful. Hence, when you find a lump in the breast region, you should not be frightened. If there is pain along-with the lump in the breast, you should get immediate medical attention. Even though it is possible to treat certain kinds of lumps in the breast, you should take care to consult the doctor so that you can really make the most from your health.

Doctor Consultation

You should consult the doctor if you cannot perform your day-to-day tasks due to pain in breast. If there is any abnormal discharge from the nipples, it should be brought to the notice of the doctor. If there is prolonged and unexplained cause for pain it is a fit case to visit the doctor.

In addition to pain, you might experience swelling, redness, tender lump and changes in the skin condition, you should consult the doctor. The treatment should be started at the earliest in breastfeeding mothers so that the health of babies will not be affected.

Diagnosis and treatment

In order to assess the pain in the breast, the doctor will conduct a physical examination. In addition to the areas of the breasts, underarms will also be examined. If a lump is found in the breast, you should go for physical examination after 2 or 3 weeks as advised by the doctor.

The most ideal time to get a medical checkup is 7 to 9 days before the onset of periods. If there is no mass or lump in breast, other kinds of tests will not be conducted. After evaluating the exact cause of pain in the breast, suitable treatment will be initiated. Changes in diet and lifestyle will be suggested so that there will not be further complications. In addition to the intake of vitamin supplements, certain other foods are slashed which include sodium and coffee.

Causes and Symptoms that Lead to Pain in Breast

There are several causes as well as symptoms that may surface or lead to pain in breast of a woman. This pain can be sudden or gradually increasing over a period of time and again this may be mild or very severe. In many cases a breast pain is simply a pain arising out of lying down on one side for a long time and in some other cases it can be an emergency and would need immediate medical attention. The pain may appear on one breast or on both the breasts or the pain may appear only under the armpit. In most cases the pain may not be the symptom of cancer as some people think it to be so. In case of doubt it would be better to consult your doctor.

Breast Pain

Breast pains are generally categorized into three distinctive types and these include pain related to the menstrual cycle in women, pain not related to the menstrual cycle and pain that originates in the chest. In many cases it has been found that the pain may be due to other causes like a previous biopsy or surgery or due to medication for treatment of some other diseases. Then there is pain in breast that may be caused due to trauma in that region.

Analyzing pain in breasts

When a woman experiences pain in breast due to reason of menstrual cycle then it relates to changes in hormonal levels of her body. This may be for a short duration of time which then subsides and the woman can go about her routine activities with ease and comfort. In such cases there is no lump formation due to fibrocystic medical condition. The other type of pain is not associated with menstrual cycle and appears during the stages of premenopausal or postmenopausal period. This type of pain may occur in one breast or may appear in both the breasts. It may even continue for years and then all on a sudden disappear.

Whenever, you have breast pain it is always better to consult your doctor who may suggest mammogram and other tests to ascertain whether there is any malignant development inside the breast. When the pain is seen to originate from the middle of the chest it is a type of arthritic pain. It mainly occurs in the region where the ribs and breast bone connects.

Your doctor would first evaluate your breast pain with some tests and identify the location of the pain. He or she will then study your medical history as well as that of your family’s and then ask for a biopsy test which may give a better picture of the pain in breast.


If you have severe pain in breast then you will need medication besides undertaking changes in your lifestyle. In some cases the doctor may suggest you to get a better supportive bra so as to restrict the movement of the breasts. In case cancer of the breast is detected then surgery may be suggested so as to reduce pain in breast.